Journalists often ask Alex Reinhardt why PLC Ultima has reached such a high position in the market. And Alex always answers that, in addition to our unique technologies and solutions, one of the key reasons for the success of the PLCU is the community!

The PLC Ultima team has developed a powerful strategy to grow the community: it includes regular events in world capitals, unique cashback programs, strong support from the founder of the project, Alex Reinhardt, and, of course, high-tech products that have no analogues in the world. Every product in the PLC Ultima ecosystem, every update and improvement, is created primarily for the community!

This approach allows PLC Ultima to turn its users into real product ambassadors who are more than happy to tell their relatives and friends about our products. This helps the PLC Ultima community to grow organically at the highest possible rate!

Why do we pay so much attention to our community?

In the crypto market, the valuation of a coin by the community directly affects its price. If hundreds of thousands of people believe in the high rate of the coin, then nothing will stop its growth! The strength of the community has a direct impact on the price of the coin, so that even in turbulent conditions, PLCU remains one of the most powerful projects with a global infrastructure.