You can purchase and activate your PLC Card on the website. You can also purchase the card as part of the Ultima Minter pack on the Ultima Farm website.

You can do this by selecting the Ultima Minter + Card pack for purchase.

  1. Select the relevant pack and click on Upgrade.

  1. Select a payment method.
  2. After completing your payment, click on Activate Minting Key.

  1. As you can see, the code is automatically inserted into the field. Activate it. 
  2. Enter your Ultima Farm and select the Your Activate Ultimate Minters tab.

  3. As you can see, you’ve purchased your new pack.
  4. Enter the PLC Card section. You’ll see a new addition – a VIP card from the recently purchased pack. If you already have an activated card, you won’t be able to activate this one, but you can give it away as a gift.  Learn more