Log in to your personal account at ultimafarm.com. Find the control panel on the home page.

At the bottom of the page, you will see Ultima X Minters packs offered for purchase. Max Freeze Load is indicated for each pack – it shows how many coins you can load into the farm, as well as the potential volume of new coins per month and per year.

For Ultima X Minters packs, the price is in euro. The calculation will be as follows: Euros will be converted to USDT and divided by the coin rate at the exchange.

Select the package on ultimafarm.com.

Clicking "Upgrade" will take you to the next page and you will see your order summary. This is a chance to once again make sure that you've selected the right farm for purchase, and to choose the payment method.

Selected payment method PLC Ultima in this case.

You need to agree and click "Purchase".

The page with the order appears. You have chosen to pay in PLCU. The higher the coin rate, the more favorable the purchase is. After all, the fewer coins you spend to buy a farm, the more you can load into it.

Now you need to send to the specified address the number of coins, which will be entered in the order. You can just copy the address, and then go to your balance on the exchange.

The purchased coins must be on the main balance.

To transfer them to the main balance, press two arrows: To main MAX — Transfer.

When the coins are already on your main balance, click "Withdraw" next to the coin icon.

Paste the previously copied address into the appropriate line.

Then copy the amount from the order.

Insert it in the appropriate field and click "Withdrawal".

After that, go back to the page with the order.

Important: Do not close the page until you see the code and information that the transaction was successful. Copy the code.

Go back to your Personal Account. Next to the selected farm, click "Activate". Paste the copied activation code. Click "Activate".

The farm is activated — this is confirmed by the status information: the limit is no longer 0, but 1. The same information will appear in the Ultima Farm app.