To buy ULTIMA X MINTER  with the USDT TRC-20 stablecoins, go to your personal account on the Ultima Farm website. 

And scroll down:

You will see the Ultima X Minters packages available for purchase. Select the license that suits you and click Upgrade. 

A window with payment methods will pop up. Select USDT, accept the terms by ticking the box, and click the “Purchase” button.

The CoinPayments window will open, where you will see the amount in the USDT TRC-20 and the wallet address to which you want to transfer the specified amount. The wallet address will also be displayed as a QR code.

To pay, copy the wallet address from the "Address" column and send funds from the exchange, exchanger or from your wallet. Please send the exact amount that is indicated on the screen. You can also make a payment using a QR code.  

After completing the payment, you will need to wait a few minutes.

Wait for a payment notification:

The following page shows the activation key for your Ultima X Minter. Don’t forget to activate it, this is important: only after activating Max Load your farm will increase, and you will be able to use all the features of this product.

If you close the page or have problems with the Internet, do not worry — the payment will be displayed in your personal account in the section “License keys”.

In the “License Keys” section you will find the history of your purchases, and you will be able to activate your Ultima X Minter by pressing the blue button — Activate.