Please note that before you install the farm, you need to install Ultima Wallet and assign the main wallet.

So, download the app from the App Store if your smartphone runs on iOS, or Play Market if you use Android. Open the app:

Click on Login with Platin Passport and in the window that opens, enter your login information to enter your account:

You will then be asked to create a PIN:

You'll also be able to set up your fingerprint and Face ID to log into the app, if your smartphone has the appropriate functionality:

This completes the initial setup, and the most important part begins now – creating your farm.

The app will randomly generate your mnemonic phrase.

You need to write it down on paper in the correct order. The words of the mnemonic phrase will appear on the screen one at a time. To open the next words, click on the NEXT button.

Write them down carefully on a piece of paper. After you have copied the first three words, press the NEXT button. If you are not sure you have written everything correctly, you can always return to the previous step by pressing the BACK button. 

Please do all this very carefully and save all the words on a piece of paper. Your safety directly depends on it.

To continue with the application, you need to confirm your mnemonic phrase. 

To do this, press NEXT, then enter your phrase – all 12 words in the correct order – and press VERIFY.

If you've done everything correctly, a congratulatory message will appear.