To transfer PLC Ultima coins to a PLC debit card and convert them to fiat, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Make sure your wallet is linked to the account, or link it using the guide How to link a card to your PLC Ultima Wallet and pay for products through”
  2. Open the Ultima Wallet app and check your balance. In our example, the balance on the wallet is 0.0124 PLCU.

  3. At, click on the PLCU line. Onchain Wallet is your linked wallet, which has the same amount on its balance — in our example, it is 0.0124 PLCU.

  4. Convert PLCU coins, for example, to euros, to simply send them to the card. To do this, go to the menu in the Sell section — basically, you need to sell these PLCUs for euros to transfer them to the card.

  5. After choosing Sell, enter the required amount. The example shows that we plan to transfer approximately 100 euros to the card. Enter the required amount of PLCU, and it will be automatically converted to the selected currency at the current rate. In our example, this is around 100 euros, that is, 0.008 PLCU.

  6. Check all the checkboxes to confirm that you have read the terms and conditions and accept them. Then click Confirm. To confirm the operation, you must enter your password and click Confirm.

    You see the PLC ULTIMA Pay page.

  7. Log in to the ULTIMA Wallet app, scan the QR code and send PLCUs for conversion. To do this, go to scanning the code in the wallet — select the ‘Scan’ option at the top of the menu.

    Scan the QR code by pointing the camera at the screen.

  8. Click ‘Next’ and ‘Transfer’. You can see that the coins that were in the wallet are gone, and below you can see that the transaction was completed successfully.

  9. Go back to Notice the “Payment in progress” message.

  10. Go to the ‘Account’ section and check your accounts. In our example, you can see a 100 euro increase in the balance.

  11. To transfer this sum to your card, go to the Cards section. Find your card in it and click on it. In our example, personal data is hidden, but you will see yours on your page.

  12. After selecting a card, go to the Load section in the top menu.

  13. Select an account in euros (as in our example) or in another currency of your choosing.

  14. In our example, we transfer 100 euros to the card's euro account. Click Confirm,  enter your code again and confirm the transaction.

Congratulations, the transfer was successfully completed.

You can see that the card balance has increased by 100 euros.

Now you can use them to pay for goods and services, or withdraw them from an ATM.