1. If you haven’t completed registration and verification on Coinsbit yet, you can do this by following our instructions. If you already have a verified account on Coinsbit, you can move on to the next step. 
  2. Open your Wallet and click on Balance.

  1. Enter USDT in the search bar.

  1. Next to USDT, click on Deposit.

  1. You will be prompted to select a payment method. Click on TRC-20.

  2. You will see a QR code above your wallet address. Click on this address and copy it. Top up your USDT balance with any convenient method, e.g. using a card or the AdvCash payment system.

  1. Open your Balance. In the General section, you’ll notice that your balance has been topped up. Transfer funds into the Deposit section.

    You can do this by consecutively clicking on arrows, Trade – Maximum – Deposit.

  1. When your funds are added to the Deposit section, enter the Classic Spot Trading section.

  1. Enter PLCU in the search bar.

    This is the trading pair you’re looking for.

  1. Now you can purchase PLC Ultima with USDT. In the Buy section on the right, you’ll see a list of orders. You need to indicate a price.

    For example, indicate that you’d like to buy PLCU for 10 euros. You can click to indicate which percent of this amount you’re prepared to spend on your purchase.

    For example, this might be 25% — the amount will be automatically added to the relevant line. This could also be 100%. 

  1. Click on Buy.
  2. If you’re making several orders at once, you’ll see tens of thousands of orders from other people on the right, and the picture will keep changing. Keep calm and focused as you continue to make your orders.

    If you see that your price has been outbid, cancel the order and the amount will be refunded. After that, you can place a new order. Once the order is fulfilled, you’ll see the PLCU amount on your wallet in the Sell section and in your Balance.

  3. Transfer PLCU from Trading to your Main Balance. Now you can transfer coins to your wallet or farm and use them to purchase an Ultima Minter license. More information