If you are not registered on Coinsbit already, register using this tutorial.

  1. Go to your Wallet, select Balance.

  2. Type USDT in the search bar.

  3. Opposite to USDT, click Deposit.

  4. You now will be able to select the USDT network. Select TRC-20.

  5. A QR code will appear, and your wallet address will be under it. Click on this address and copy it. Make a deposit in USDT in any convenient way.

  6. Go to Balance. In the Main section, you will see that the balance has increased. Transfer funds to the Deal section.

    To do this, click the arrows to proceed, then Trade - Maximum - Transfer.

  7. When your funds are in the Deal section, go to the Classic Spot Trading section

  8. In the search bar, type PLCU.

    Select the PLCU/USDT pair.

  9. You can now buy PLC Ultima coins for USDT. In the Buy section, the orders are displayed on the right. That's where you need to put a price on it.

    You could put in that you, say, want to buy a PLCU for USD 10,000. You can click here to specify what percent of your amount you are willing to use for this purchase.

    For example, it could be 25%: the amount will automatically be put in the appropriate line. Or it could be 100%.

  10. Click Buy.
  11. After the purchase, transfer the PLCU coins from the Trading Balance to the Main Balance in the Balance section.