The conclusion of a smart contract is the final step to start minting. 

To get it going, you will need an active minting license (it determines your MAX LOAD) and, of course, some coins! In that tutorial, we explained how to replenish your farm with PLCUX coins from an exchange, and this one showed you how to replenish the farm with Ultima Wallet. 

So, to conclude a smart contract, open the Ultima Farm app. Select PLCUX Farm. On the main screen, click the Get Profit button. 

A window will open where you will need to agree to the terms and conditions and swipe the slider to the right. Please note that gas is charged for any transaction with PLCUX, including when paying for PLCUX. Find more details on what gas is and how it is calculated in this guide.

Swipe to confirm the conclusion of a smart contract: 

It's all done! On the screen, you will see a congratulation on the conclusion of a smart contract: