New users who want to register with Platin World need an affiliate link. All partners who register with your link will be added to your first line, allowing you to receive various commissions and bonuses from their purchases!

To send the link to your new partner, you need to copy it. To do that, go to your dashboard and move the slider in the upper right corner to "SHOW REFERRAL LINK". You will then be able to see your link and copy it by clicking on the copy icon right next to the link.

The referral link can also  be displayed as a QR code. This is very convenient if you are communicating with a potential partner personally and want him/her to join your structure as quickly as possible!

To display the link as a QR code, click on the button next to the quick copy icon. Your link will instantly appear on the screen! The resulting QR-code can be scanned with a special program on your smartphone, and on some models you can simply point your camera at the QR code.