A wallet can be imported with a private key and a transport PIN code (T-PIN) from the start screen of the app if this is the first launch or if there are no wallets in the app. 

Click on the IMPORT button. You will be prompted to import the wallet with a private key and a transport PIN or with a mnemonic phrase. To import a wallet with a private key and a transport PIN, select WITH PRIVATE KEY AND T-PIN

This will bring up a screen to enter your private key. You can enter it either manually or by scanning the QR code. 

Once you have entered your private key, click on NEXT. 

The next screen will prompt you to enter the transport PIN for your private key:

If the import is successful, the app will ask you to set a new PIN to access the application itself.

Enter a new PIN and confirm it

It's done! You have successfully imported your wallet!

You can also initiate the wallet import from the SETTINGS menu. Click on the SETTINGS icon in the bottom menu of the app and select Ultima Wallet Import from the list.

Please note that if you decide to perform the import, your current wallet in the app will be deleted. 

If you agree, confirm the wallet import by clicking on the CONTINUE button