In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to payout the swapped coins. You can make a payout as soon as the coins are credited to your available balance.

To do this, go to and log in. After authorization, you will be redirected to your account's main page.

With the widget Available PLCU Balance, you can see how many coins you have available for withdrawal. To make a payout, click on the button with the same name:

You will be prompted to enter the address of the wallet to which you want to payout. You can insert any address - both exchange and personal or any other crypto wallet in PLC Ultima networks.

To the right of the address column, you will see the Amount Transfer window to specify the amount of coins you want to withdraw. To withdraw the entire available amount, click on the Max button.

After you enter your wallet address, click on the Transfer button at the bottom of the screen. You will receive a two-factor authentication code to confirm the transaction. Enter it.

Please note that 2-factor authentication must be enabled in order to payout.

Done! You have made a payout of PLC Ultima coins.

Information about all payout transactions with coins received as a result of swapping: date, wallet address to which coins were sent, amount, status, ID, and own transactions, available in the Payouts section.

If you have questions about the payout functionality, you can contact PLC Ultima support at