You can buy the PLCU coin on various exchanges. Let’s use Coinsbit as an example to demonstrate the general process of working with exchanges. 

  1. Visit the exchange website by clicking on the link:

  1. Click "Register". Enter an email address that you have access to. For security reasons, we recommend creating a separate email address for payment systems, wallets, and exchanges, where you don’t receive any newsletters. 
  2. Create a password, confirm it, click on "I agree" and "Register".

  1. Sign in to your email, using the address that  you indicated in step 2. Click on “Confirm” in the letter you received from the exchange. Attention: if you can’t find the registration confirmation email for a long time, it might have landed in Spam or Promotions - check these folders.
  2. After you click on "Confirm" in the letter from the exchange, you will automatically return to the exchange website. Now you can enter your email address, password and click on "Login".

  1. During this step, you might be asked to complete a Captcha. 

  2. You will receive an email with a verification code. Enter this code into the form on the website. 

  3. Get verified. This is necessary to gain access to all the features and tools of the crypto exchange, including trading. For verification, go to the "Profile" section and fill out the form with your information. More information

    Now you can buy PLCU coins.