In this guide, we'll show you step by step how to start minting PLCUX coins after you've registered in PLC Ultima, purchased the Ultima X Minter package, and installed the Ultima Wallet and Ultima Farm apps. 

Buying USDT coins 

The first thing to do is to buy PLC Ultima coins. Go to the Coinsbit exchange. If you don't have USDT coins, top up your balance first. To do this, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to the exchange and go to Wallet, then choose Balance.

  2. Type USDT in the search bar.
  3. Click on Deposit in the line of USDT.
  4. You will be able to select a USDT network. Choose the one you prefer. For example, if you have USDT on the TRON network, choose TRC-20.

  5. THen you will see a QR code and your wallet address below it. Just transfer your USDT to the address.

Buying PLCU coins 

Now that you have USDT coins on your balance, go to the exchange in the trading section and enter PLCU in the search bar on the left menu. A pair with USDT will be loaded, then click on it. Alternatively, follow this link:

To buy at market price, choose Market:

In the Amount column, enter the amount of PLCU you want to buy:

Then click BUY

You can also buy PLCU using a limit order, that is an order with a specific buy or sell price. To buy like that, select Limit and enter the price you want to buy PLCU for and the number of coins you want to buy. Click on the BUY button. 

Done! You have purchased PLCU coins. Now it is the time to buy PLCUX coins.

Buying PLCUX coins

The PLCUX purchase works on the same principle as for PLCU. The trading pair is available here: 

Please note that PLCUX coins can only be purchased with PLC Ultima — the PLCUX/PLCUC pair is not available for trading and soon will not be available to users of the exchange. 

Replenishing the farm with PLCUX coins 

Now that you have all the coins you need on your exchange balance, it's time to send them to the farm. 

But be careful: you will need an Ultima Farm wallet address to top up your farm. You can copy it right into the mobile app or in your personal account at just click on Top Up my Farm on the PLCUX dashboard and copy your farm wallet address.

Now that you've copied the address, go to the Balance section of the exchange, select Withdrawal, and then PLCUX

In the Address line, paste the copied farm address.

Enter the amount you want to send to the farm.

Confirm the transfer and wait for the exchange to process the transaction. 

Once the transaction is processed, you can sign a contract at your farm!

Conclusion of a smart contract on a farm 

The conclusion of a smart contract is the final step to start minting. 

To work, you will need an active minting license (this determines your Max Load) and, of course, the coins. So, to sign a smart contract, open the Ultima Farm app. Select a PLCUX farm. On the main screen, click on the Get Profit button. 

A window will open for you to agree to the terms and move the slider to the right.

Swipe to confirm the conclusion of a smart contract: 

It's all ready! On the screen, you will see a notification that the smart contract has been concluded: 

You can withdraw the profit and use it at your own discretion. 

If you still have questions, you can find detailed guides on how to work with PLC Ultima in the Help Center.