Please note that these instructions detail how to send coins, which you have already bought on the exchange, to your wallet.

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how to buy PLCU Coins on Coinsbit 

how to buy PLCUX Coins on Coinsbit 

Go to your Ultima Wallet app. On the main screen, select the currency you want to get into your wallet. Your wallet address is directly on the wallet card itself. You can also use the RECEIVE button to work with your wallet.

In these instructions, we will be working with PLCU. Swipe on the screen to select the wallet you are interested in.

After you select the desired wallet, click on the Receive button under the coin price chart. 

A window will open into which you can copy the address of the coin your have chosen (at the top of the screen). Click on the address to copy it or send it to a place convenient for you using the "Share" button:

 After copying the address, go to the Coinsbit exchange. Go to the Wallet Section and select WITHDRAWAL in the upper right corner.

Find PLCU in the search box: In the "Address" line paste your wallet copied address.

Specify the "Amount" and confirm the coins withdrawal to your wallet address.

As soon as the withdrawal from the exchange transaction is processed in your wallet you will see the transaction of receiving the coins.