Go to platinworld.com. In the upper right corner, click on the Dashboard button. This will open your personal account.

In the left menu, select Bonuses and click on it. This will open a page listing bonuses - Rank Bonus, Unilevel Bonus, which combines Direct and Team Bonus, and Diamond Bonus.

To find out more about each of the bonuses, find the name of that bonus in the left menu and click on it.

Let's learn more about the Rank Bonus. The Rank Bonus is paid for reaching each new rank, up to a total of €14,000,000. There are a total of 15 exclusive ranks in the system.

So, when you click on Rank Bonus, a window will open, with two widgets at the top. 

The widget on the left shows your current rank, your team’s total turnover, as well as the current amount of your rank bonus. The right widget shows your next rank, the bonus amount you will receive for reaching that rank, and the percentage of turnover needed to get the rank. Just below, under the widget, there is a list of ranks with the necessary turnover to achieve each of them, as well as the amount of the rank bonus that is accrued upon obtaining that status.

Now let's look at the Unilevel Bonus section, which combines the Direct and Team Bonus. There are fifteen linear levels of depth available to you, featuring dynamic compression with marketing payouts of up to 46%.

In this section, in the left widget, you can see your current status - active or inactive. Recall that "Active" status allows you to get the most out of working with the Platin World network module and receive ALL possible bonuses. To activate your status, you either have to make a product payment worth 110 euros or your first partner must make the first product payment worth 110 euros or more. To keep your status as an active partner, at least one of the conditions must be met.

The widget on the right shows how many days you will maintain the "Active" status. Below you will see up-to-date information about bonuses, which you will receive for payments made by your partners from different levels.

Now let's move on to the Diamond Bonus section. It's available to all partners with a Diamond rank and allows you to receive up to 23% on all depth and breadth for all partner purchases, in addition to direct and team bonuses. On the top widget you can see how many days are left until the bonus is credited, as well as the bonus amount you will receive. A detailed description of the bonus is available below.

Best of luck with maximizing your Platin World bonuses!