To create a wallet, you need to download the Ultima Wallet app to your smartphone. By creating a new Ultima Wallet, you become the sole owner of your private and public keys, which makes it impossible for third parties to access the coins in your wallet.

After the wallet is created, you need to link it to another element of the system - Ultima Farm. Once you set up the connection between your wallet and your farm, you will be able to automatically transfer coins between these applications.

Please, a pen and piece of paper in advance, or make sure you have a copying device at hand: a scanner or a printer - you may need them to securely save your wallet login data.

Installing the Ultima Wallet app

Click on Install, then Open. 

You’ll see a brief guide that you should review before setting up the app, or simply click on Skip. 

To set up the application, you will need to create a PIN, a transport PIN, and a private key.

The PIN is the password you will use to sign in to the app. After setting up the PIN, you will need to create a transport PIN, and the app will generate your private key. This is to ensure the security of your account: the PIN won’t allow intruders to enter the app if your smartphone falls into the wrong hands, the transport PIN in combination with the private key provides access to the content of the farm and allows you to manage it, and the generation of the private code creates a backup of your wallet, so it can later be installed on another smartphone.

Attention: make sure to save your transport and private keys in a safe place, as this information is unique and cannot be restored. This means that if you lose them, you will also lose access to your wallet.

So please be especially careful when installing the application for the first time and find a secure place to store all the necessary data.

Confirm your PIN code by entering it again. Click on Next. 

Click on Preview.

It’s extremely important to save this information! Write it down or use a printer/scanner to make a copy of the screen. Make sure that the data isn’t accessible on the Internet. Click on "OK" to confirm that you have saved this code.

Next, the system will prompt you to enter all the data you’ve saved, so keep in mind that when you go to the next step all the information about the private key and PIN will disappear from the screen and you will have to enter it yourself. This is for security reasons and to make sure that you’ve really saved all the necessary data. You will also need to enter the transport code you created earlier.

Click on "Verify."

If you've done everything correctly, you'll see a message saying, "A backup copy of your wallet has been created."

Click on "Continue" and log in with your PIN code (6 digits).

You have signed into your wallet.

Save the private key that you’ve photographed as securely as possible - on a flash drive or in printed form. Don't forget to delete photos of it from all your other devices!