You can buy PLCU products through your plcumember account. Now we will demonstrate how to purchase, for example, the Ultima Farm package.

  1. Log into your account at and complete two-factor authentication.

    We updated the design of your personal account at the Farm.

  2. Scroll down the page to where the packs available for purchase are. Select a product to purchase — in our example, it is a €550 pack.

  3. Click on the Update button at the very bottom of the page. The following page for paying for the package will open:

    On this page, you can choose a payment method: PLCU, PLC, and Cash Balance. In our example, we selected PLC Ultima.

  4. Agree to the terms of purchase by checking the checkbox and click the Buy button.

    The following page of the PLC ULTIMA Pay payment system will open:

  5. Copy your wallet address and go to your PLCU Member account. Paste the address in the third column:

  6. Now, in the second column, specify the required number of PLCUs, which you can copy on the PLC Ultima Pay screen. Please note that you must write down the exact number.

    On the right you will see the fee for this transaction. In our example, it is 5.56 euros.

  7. Agree to the terms by checking the checkboxes at the bottom of the page.

  8. Click Confirm. Enter your password:

    And you’re done! The transaction has been sent. In the pop-up window, you can see its details with the corresponding hash ID. Now all you have to do is wait for confirmation of the purchase.

  9. Go back to the PLC Ultima Pay page. Refresh it. As we can see, the purchase was completed successfully:

Congratulations! You have purchased a new package. As you can see, now you can easily purchase products directly from your PLCU Member account or send coins to other PLCU wallets.