Log in to your personal cabinet on ultimafarm.com. Find the control panel on the homepage.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see the Ultima Minter packs that are available for purchase. For each pack, you can see the freezing Max Load - it shows how many coins you can load into the farm, as well as the potential volume of new coins that can be minted per month and per year.

For Ultima Minter packs, the price is indicated in euros. The calculation is carried out in this way: euros are converted to USDT and divided by the exchange rate of the coin.

To start minting, you need PLC Ultima coins, which you can purchase at an exchange. You’ll find a guide on how to do that here. If you already own PLC Ultima coins, you can skip straight to your purchase.

Visit the Coinsbit exchange. Pay attention to the current rate of PLC Ultima before you buy any coins.

If you create an order now, you can see exactly how many coins you can pay for the selected farm at the current rate.

Select a pack on ultimafarm.com.

Clicking on "Refresh" will take you to the next page, where you will see a summary of your order. This is an opportunity to check once again that you’ve selected the right farm for purchase, and to choose the payment method.

You’ve selected your payment method - in this case, PLC Ultima.

Accept the terms and click on Purchase.

You’ll see a page with your order. With the chosen method of payment in PLCU, the higher the rate of the coin, the more favorable the purchase will be.  After all, when you spend fewer coins to buy a farm, you can load more coins into it. 

Now you need to send the coin amount that is listed in the order to the indicated address. You can copy the address, then visit your Balance page on the exchange. 

Your purchased coins should be on the main balance page. 

To transfer them to the main balance, click on two arrows - main - maximum - transfer.

If you already have coins on your main balance, click on "Withdraw" next to the coin icon.

Paste the previously copied address into the corresponding line.

Then copy the amount from the order.

Paste it into the relevant field and click on “Withdraw”. 

After that, go back to the page with the order.

Important: Do not close the page until you see the code and the confirmation that the transaction was successful. Copy the code.

Return to your personal cabinet. Click on Activation beside the selected farm. Paste the activation code you’ve copied, then click on Activate. 

You’ve activated your Farm! This is confirmed by the status information - the limit should change from 0 to 1. The same information is reflected in the Ultima Farm app. 

Now you need to top up your farm.

Go to your balance on the exchange. There should be enough money - the amount you’d like to use to top up your farm.

Pay attention: To top up your farm, you will need to log in to both your personal ultimafarm.com account and to the Ultima Farm app on your phone.

On ultimafarm.com, click on Top Up my Farm in the control panel.

This is the address of your farm.

Copy the address. Return to the exchange. Click on Withdraw. 

Add the copied farm address into the Address bar. 

Set "Amount" to the maximum to transfer the entire balance to the farm.

Now return to your Ultima Farm app on your phone. The last thing you should do is create a smart contract by simply clicking on the "Get Income" button.