We've added Google 2FA as a two-factor authentication option for Platin Passport. This is a convenient authentication method that complies with international security standards. Connecting Google 2FA is a prerequisite for making payouts on Platin World.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to enable Google 2FA as a two-factor authentication method.

If you previously had 2-factor authentication connected via Telegram, you need to go to the Security section. You’ll see a new window indicating that you have activated two-factor authentication via Telegram:

You can continue logging in to Platin Passport while receiving one-time passwords in Telegram, but payouts will be limited.

To change the two-factor authentication method below, under the Telegram icon, click on the DEACTIVATE button.

After that, you will receive a one-time OTP code in Telegram. Enter it in the next window and confirm the action.

Once Telegram 2FA is disabled, click on the ACTIVATE button under the Google authentication icon.

Now you will need to download Google Authenticator to your smartphone. To do this, click on the App Store or Play Market button at the bottom of the page under the words “Download Google Authenticator”.

To launch the authenticator, you need to scan the QR code in the right corner of the screen using the installed mobile application. To do this, go to the application. On the first screen, click on the Get started button.

In the next window, select Scan a QR code 

Now, scan the QR code on the activation page. you will find your one-time password in the Google Authenticator app on your phone. This code is constantly updated. The code action timer is displayed to the right of the code as a pie chart.

Enter the one-time password on the 2FA confirmation page

Done! You have successfully connected Google 2FA!

Please note that only you have access to the QR code on the activation page. Don't show or send it to anyone, please.  If you need to remove the two-factor authentication via Google (for example, if you start using another smartphone), please contact our support team.

If you haven’t previously set up authentication through Telegram, then you need to return to Platin Passport and go to the Security section and follow all the steps above.

We recommend that you do not delay connecting Google 2FA, because the security of your PLC Ultima products directly depends on it!