From the Ultima Wallet, you can send PLCU coins upon request from another user. It is important to remind you: please be careful and never send funds to strangers.

In the wallet, at the bottom of the screen, you can see two blue buttons with arrows. The upward arrow (left) stands for "Send." The down arrow (right) is for the request to receive the funds.

If you want to create a request to receive funds

  1. Press the right blue button. Then, in the window, enter the amount you want to pay. For example, the cost of the PLC Ultima product you wish to buy. Note that the QR code changes each time you enter a new amount.

  2. Enter the amount and click the icon Share (top right).
  3. Select the channel for sending the request, for example, to the telegram channel, and send it in the message.

  4. Now go to the homepage in the Ultima Wallet app and click on the QR code scanner icon.

Thus, you have created a request and sent it to the person who will transfer the funds.

If you received a request for funds

  1. Go to the Ultima Wallet app and select the QR code icon
  2. Point the camera at the QR code you received.

  3. The application reads the code, and the required amount is immediately entered automatically.
  4.  Click Next. In the field Wallet Address, the wallet's address or your account on the exchange to which the funds will be sent will also be automatically entered.
  5. Remember to select the option where the sender pays for the funds transfer and click Send.