Go to your balance on the exchange. You should have enough money to cover the amount you’d like to transfer to the farm.

Suppose you have 0,69 PLCU in your balance.

Your funds are currently on the trading account, but you need to transfer them to your main account. Click on the arrow to transfer the maximum amount to the main account.

Be careful: you will need to log in to both your personal ultimafarm.com account and the Ultima Farm app on your phone to top up your farm.

On ultimafarm.com, click on Top Up My Farm in the control panel.

This is the address of your farm.

Copy the address. Return to the exchange. Click on Withdraw. 

Insert the copied farm address into the Address bar. Make sure to double-check the last digits, this is very important. 

Go back and check the last digits once again. 

Indicate the amount you’d like to transfer on the exchange. 

When transferring funds directly to the farm, you won’t be charged a commission. When transferring funds to a wallet, you will need to pay a commission to Coinsbit exchange.

Click on Withdraw.

Go to your email. Confirm the transfer in an email from the exchange. Check out the Withdrawal History section in your exchange account to track the status of the transfer.

At first you will see that your transfer is "Pending". When the status changes to "Successful", your farm will be replenished by the transferred amount - in our example, 0.699 PLCU coin.

Now all you have to do is create a smart contract in the Ultima Farm app on your phone, simply by clicking on the Get income button