The Platin World team launches Turbo Bonus, which is a unique bonus for the Platin World community giving the opportunity to receive 20% from each transaction made by new partners of the first line. It's simple: the more people you invite and the more purchases they make, the higher your Turbo Bonus! This bonus is available to all Platin World partners, regardless of rank. 

The feature of Turbo Bonus is that it is to be accumulated as a pending balance until the turnover of purchases made by new first line partners reaches a certain value  (the turnover is calculated in euros for a month). The bonus turns into the available balance when the turnover values are reached as follows /in the currency of the made purchases/:

The bonus resets to zero every month. In doing so, the “one-leg rule” applies — the maximum share of one partner of your first line should not exceed 50%. 

Let's look at an example to illustrate how Turbo Bonus works:

Imagine that a first-line newbie got a package  for 1,000 euros. After that, your turnover increases to 1000 euros, and 200 euros are credited to the Turbo Bonus pending balance. Then, two more new partners purchased packages for 1000 euros each: your total turnover is 3000 euros, and the total balance in pending is 600 euros. In order to transfer the balance from pending to available, you need to reach a turnover of 5,000 euros. If you invite two more people, each of whom makes a payment of 1000 euros, the Turbo Bonus will be 1000 euros and it will go into the available balance. 

As you can see, the rules for calculating the bonus are as simple and transparent as possible, while the bonus gives active partners the opportunity to receive almost endless profit!