Ultima Farm provides an opportunity to get new coins just by holding coins you already have in your wallet. Coins are blocked in the app for this purpose. The more coins the user keeps on a Farm wallet, the greater is the yield. By working, Ultima Farm mints many times the amount of coins frozen in the wallet. When the farm working period ends, all frozen coins get unfrozen and become available for transactions again. 

Minted coins can be easily spent, transferred, continued to be held, and used in other transactions quickly and safely. The user is the sole owner of the coins, and nobody but the user has all the necessary information to restore access to the wallet.

The app's main menu is at the bottom of the screen. There are four items in the menu, left to right: 

Let's look at one menu item at a time.

Home screen

At the very top of the main screen, there is an icon indicating the main coin of your farm. You can switch the farm coin by clicking on the arrow to the right of the name of the coin.

The central place on the screen is occupied by the speedometer, which shows the Max Load value. The speedometer readings change depending on the amount of coins loaded into the farm: the more Max Load is used, the closer the needle gets to the right side. 

The Max Load is the number of coins available for freezing. To get max load, you need to buy an Ultima X Minter license. Detailed instructions on how to purchase licenses in various ways can be found at the links below: 


How to buy Ultima X Minter for BTC 

How to buy Ultima X Minter for USDC

How to buy Ultima X Minter for USDT

How to buy Ultima X Minter for PLCUX

Under the speedometer is the Get Profit button. Click on it to conclude a smart contract and start minting coins. 

Under the Get Profit button, you can find the following information: 

Frozen: the number of coins that are frozen; 

Minted: the number of minted coins;

Available Max Load shows how many coins you can freeze based on your Max Load. The value is calculated by the formula: Max Load minus the amount of frozen coins. 

The number of coins that can be loaded into the farm with the current max load.

Remember that these numbers refer to the selected coin, you can change the farm currency by clicking on the arrow next to the coin icon at the very top of the screen. 

Below you can see the Balances item, which shows how many coins are in your farm. These are free coins, and you can transfer them to your main wallet, conclude smart contracts with them, or use them at your discretion. 

At the bottom of the screen, you can see the Minting Factor Info widget. Pull it up to get information about the current and future minting factor for the selected coin: 

Smart contracts screen

This screen is intended for smart contracts. Here you can see a list of all your concluded smart contracts. 

You can find more details on concluding smart contracts in this tutorial.

History screen

On this screen, you can see details on all your past PLCU and PLCUX transactions. You can choose the active coin at the top of the screen.

Settings screen 

In Settings, in the Security section, you can change the PIN code and enable Face-ID or fingerprint authentication. In the Farm Wallet Export section, you can export a Farm Wallet. Use the Support section to contact support, as well as to read some quick tutorials. In the Theme section, you can switch the app theme, and in Authorization, you can log out of your account.  

Please note that if you exit the app, the farm saved in it will be deleted, but you will always be able to import it the next time you log in.