The Ultima Minter Calculator is designed to determine the amount you can mint on your Farm. You can use it to quickly calculate the minting power for any possible PLCU rate and Ultima Minter package. This handy tool also makes it easier to work with potential partners and users.

The calculator is available on your profile page on the Platin World website.

So, the first thing we can see on the calculator page is the license.

This is the category of your Ultima Minter, which determines the Max Load. In the example you see, we’ve selected an Ultima Minter for 110 euros, and the current Max Load index is 5000 euros. The available Max Load in this case is 0.02 PLCU. This means that the maximum amount of coins available for freezing and minting is 0.02 PLCU.

Below we see a slider that determines which percentage of the Ultima Farm is loaded. It shows how many coins are frozen. When you move it, the window below displays the number of coins and their equivalent in euros - this is how much you can get with the current license and index, for example, by freezing 100% of your Max Load. Here you can also select the month of freezing. The example shows a minting calculation for March 2022.

We can see that the possible daily income is 1.92 euros, or 57.50 euros per month and 690 euros per year.

Let's set, for example, the exchange rate to 25,000 euros. If you freeze all 100% of the coins of this package with a license for 110 euros, then you can potentially receive 0.0001 PLCU per day. Below you will see how much this is worth at the current rate for each day, month and year. And this is with a package of only 110 euros.

If you select a license for 1100 euros, you’ll see that the Max Load increases to 0,04 PLCU. Thus, your potential earnings increase accordingly. 

Please pay special attention to the month of freezing - this is very important. Every month the minting factor decreases. And if we indicate another month, then, as we can see, the estimated minting indicator will decrease. So if you want to get the most out of Ultima Farm minting, make sure to freeze your coins as soon as possible.

Now you know the answers to our users’ most common questions:

  1. How much can you potentially get if you buy the basic package for 1100 euros?
    Choose the current exchange rate, freezing month, and in the window below you will see your potential income. Don't forget that apart from the package, you need to calculate how many PLCU you will freeze. Move the slider indicating the load on the farm, and you will see that even with a half load, you have the opportunity to more than double your frozen coins. 
  2. How much should you freeze if you want to earn, for example, 1000 euros per month?
    Choose a package and look at the estimated monthly earnings. Move the slider to see how many coins you need to freeze with this package.