Ultima Wallet is a multifunctional wallet for storing PLCU and PLCUX coins, as well as for making transactions with them. The Ultima Wallet functionality allows you: 

The main menu of the application is located at the bottom of the screen. There are five items in the menu, let's list them from left to right: 

Let's consider each menu item in turn.  

Overview of the main screen

A large card of your wallet occupies the main screen. Switching between PLCU and PLCUX wallets takes place via swipe.

On this card you can see: 

After scrolling the top card to the right, you will switch to your PLCUX wallet.  

There is a widget in the form of a “curtain" above the main lower menu. Pulling it up will open the history of your last three transactions of this coin.

Under the graph you will see two buttons – Send and Receive. By clicking on them, you will receive the address for transactions in the coin you selected in the menu above. 

By clicking on the SEND button, you can send coins, and on the RECIEVE button, you can get the address of your wallet in order for the transaction to be sent to you. 

For example, you want to send PLCU coins. Make sure that you have selected a wallet in PLSU. After that, click on the Send button. 

A page opens where you need to enter the amount to be sent. 

Click NEXT. 

After that, a window will open where you need to specify the address to which you want to send coins: 

You can insert an address or scan a qr-code. We remind you that when transferring coins, a commission is charged, and when making transactions with PLCUX, you also need to pay for gas in PLCU. Read more about what gas is and how it is calculated in this manual.

In order to receive coins, click on the Receive button on the home screen. In the window that opens, you will see a qr-code for receiving coins, as well as your address, which can be copied:

History section

In the section  Transaction history you will find details of all kinds of transactions you have made. And in the upper right corner of the screen you can switch between types of coins. 

Section with QR-code for payment

The third item in the menu is the QR-code. Using it, you can efficiently and quickly send transactions by simply pointing the camera at the QR code: 

The section for sending transactions to Ultima Farm

This menu item is activated after authorization in the application. 

In this section, you can send coins to the farm, as well as conclude smart contracts for donating on the Platin Hero platform. To make a donation, you need to scan the qr-code on the project page on Platin Hero.  After that, you will be redirected to the freezing conditions page, where you will need to confirm the conclusion of the smart contract. 

Settings section 

The last section of the Ultima Wallet application is settings. 

In the Security section, you can change the PIN-code, as well as activate authorization in the application via fingerprint or Face ID. You can install the Main Wallet In the Settings section. In the Support section, you can view short instructions for working with the wallet.

In the Ultima Wallet Control section, you can export, import and delete Ultima Wallet from the application. Please note that the wallet is deleted only from the app, it is impossible to remove the wallet from the blockchain. 

In the Theme section, you can switch between the light and dark theme of the app.

And in the Authorization section, you will be able to log out of your account, as well as initiate the blocking of the wallet and the farm in case your wallet has been compromised (got into third hands or open access). Read detailed instructions on how to act in this situation at the link.