Ultima Wallet features

Ultima Wallet is a multifunctional wallet for storing and making transactions with PLCU coins.

Ultima Wallet is a mobile application that can be used to create new wallets on the PLC ULTIMA blockchain. When you create a new wallet in Ultima Wallet, you become the sole owner of both private and public keys, which makes it impossible for third parties to access the coins in your wallet.

So what can you do with Ultima Wallet?

First, you can send and receive transactions in PLC Ultima coins in a way that is convenient, fast, and secure. You can send coins to your family and friends or use them to pay for goods and services.

Secondly, the wallet is used to store coins that are minted on the farm. You can also use your wallet to withdraw coins from your farm after you finish minting.

The wallet is also used to pay for goods and services through its own PlatinPay payment system, which can be easily integrated into online stores. Ultima Wallet also helps you track transactions and the number of frozen coins.

As you can see, the functionality of our wallet goes beyond standard cryptocurrencies. If you haven't downloaded Ultima Wallet yet, find it in the App Store or Google Play and experience first hand all the features of our team's development!

Ultima Farm features

Ultima Farm is an application for producing PLC Ultima coins using smart contracts and minting technology. Minting is the process of producing new coins on the blockchain. Basically, it’s an automatic smart contract that blocks a certain amount of cryptocurrency and rewards you for it.

The Ultima Farm application allows you to generate profits simply by freezing the coins on the Farm wallet. Smart contracts allow you to mint the coins for a period equal to one year, providing continuous minting for the duration of the operation.

Minting capacity depends on market conditions and the period in which the contract was concluded.

Ultima Minter is a digital certificate that gives a farm access to coin minting. Since the number of coins to mint and the number of users who can mint new coins is strictly limited, users must pay for this digital certificate. The number of coins available for blocking on the farm depends on the category of the Ultima Minter.

Now let's take a look at how the process of minting new coins takes place:

These minted coins can be easily spent, transferred, stored, and used for other transactions quickly and securely. The user is the sole owner of his coins, and only he has all the necessary information to restore access to the wallet.

So make sure to study the instructions on how to secure your funds in the farm and in the e-wallet.

It's simple. You block a certain amount of coins on your Farm Wallet, they are used for minting new coins, and you get a guaranteed reward for this. In order to start minting, you'll need an Ultima Minter, a certificate that gives the Farm Wallet access to the coins. It guarantees your right to constant and fixed profits. Buying the certificate will provide you with passive income for at least a year ahead, and it is both profitable and reliable.

Ultima Farm is an application for minting PLC Ultima coins using smart contracts, which allows you to generate profits by simply freezing the coins in your Farm wallet. Smart contracts allow you to mint coins for a period of one year, providing uninterrupted mining for the duration of the operation.

The minting capacity depends on market conditions and the term of the contract.