If for any reason you decide to block your Ultima Wallet and Ultima Farm, please follow exactly the steps below. Remember: the safety of yourmoney  depends on how quickly and correctly you can perform all the necessary actions.

Step 1: Ultima Wallet blocking

The process of blocking a wallet and the farm assigned to it starts from Ultima Wallet. So, if you know that your wallet was compromised (was accessible to a third party or the public), open the Ultima Wallet app and go to the Block Wallet section. Please note that this menu item is only available, if you are authorized

The screen will display a request to confirm termination of smart contracts created for this wallet. The message will say that after confirmation all unminted coins under the smart contract will be burned. This is necessary to avoid losing your future profit to malicious intruders.

Swipe right to confirm.

If you have many contracts, you will need to confirm the destruction of them multiple times.

After the destruction of smart contracts, all unminted coins will be burned.

Step 2: Contacting the support service PLC Ultima 

Now you need to contact the support service of PLC Ultima. 

Inform the support service that you have initiated the wallets blocking process as well as destructed all smart contracts and ask the service to reset your Main Wallet and Farm Wallet. No particular form is required for such a letter. 

The support service will check you and unbind your wallet. After that, you will no longer have Main Wallet and Farm Wallet bound. 

Step 3: Creating new wallets

Before exiting wallets in the Ultima Farm and Ultima Wallet applications, please export them with the "Export Wallet" button in the settings to save backup access codes for the wallets.

You should create a new wallet in the Ultima Wallet app and assign it as the main one. This can be easily done in the settings menu of the Ultima Walley app. As soon as you have created a new wallet in the Ultima Wallet app and assign it as the main one, open the Ultima Farm app. It will automatically create a new farm wallet and link it to your account.

Step 4: Import of a compromised Farm Wallet 

Now you need to import the old compromised farm in your Ultima Farm app. 

If you have one phone and you are using a farm that you just created, just click on EXIT in the settings menu. This will completely remove all wallets from the application.Then log in and import the old farm that was compromised.


Step 5: Blocking imported Farm Wallet 

After you’ve finished importing in the Ultima Farm application, the Block Farm Wallet button will appear in the Settings menu. Click on it and a new screen will open.

Swipe right to confirm consent to reconcluding of all smart contracts: 

Important! You will need to reconclude each existing smart contract. With 76 old smart contracts on the farm, you will need to reconclude every single one of them.

The contracts will be reconcluded to your new farm and new wallet as of the time of reconcluding. For example, if you had 1 PLCU blocked and 4 of 12 minting outputs were already deblocked, then by reconcluding to a new wallet you will have only 8 minting outputs. 

Please note that if during the expected minting your smart contract is destroyed and is not reconcluded to any  new wallets, then the minting for this month will be burned.

When you finish the smart contracts reconcluding, you will see a notification about the successful reconcluding of the contracts:

Congratulations! You’ve finished blocking the compromised wallet and renewed minting for new wallets! Your coins are safe now!