Ultima X Minter is a product that has been developed purposefully so that you would be able to generate your passive income. This is made possible by MINTING blockchain technology.

MINTING is the process of producing new coins on the blockchain. At a fundamental level, this is an automatic smart contract to lock a certain amount of cryptocurrency and get a reward for it.

Ultima Farm is an app for minting PLCUX coins using smart contracts that makes it possible to generate profit by simply freezing the coins on your Farm wallet. Smart contracts allow you to mint coins for a period of one year, ensuring uninterrupted minting for the duration of the operation.

The minting output depends on market conditions and the period when the contract was concluded.

Ultima X Minter is a digital certificate that allows the farm to access coin minting. As the number of coins to mint and the number of users who can mint new coins are strictly limited, the digital certificate is provided on a paying basis. The number of coins available for locking on the farm depends on the Ultima X Minter category.

And now let us get to know how new coins are minted:

Our technology has already made the dream of hundreds of thousands of people to profit from blockchain come true. Minted coins can be easily spent, transferred, continued to be held, and used in other transactions quickly and safely. The user is the only owner of the coins and the only one with all the necessary information to restore access to the wallet.

So be sure to study the instructions on how to secure your farm and funds in your wallet.

It's as simple as that. You lock a certain amount of coins on the Farm Wallet, they are minted, that is, they produce new coins, and you get a guaranteed reward for it. In order to start minting, you will need an Ultima X Minter, that is, a certificate that enables the farm to access coins. It guarantees your right to a constant and fixed profit. Buying a certificate will provide you with a passive income for at least a year ahead, and it is profitable and reliable.