Introducing a new Ultima cashback program enabling you to purchase official vouchers of major online stores and save up to 20%!

The cashback program is the flagship product of the Ultima ecosystem potentially possible to reach out to millions of people around the world.  In this tutorial, we will tell you step by step how to join the Ultima cashback program and purchase vouchers from top marketplaces at discounts up to 20%.

Step 1. Register at and buy a license

First of all, you need to register on the webpage. Please note that registration is only possible by referral link: you can ask one from the person who told you about the Ultima cashback program.

The next step is to purchase a license. We explain how to buy a license  in more detail in this tutorial. And you can learn all about from this review.

Step 2. Buying a shopping voucher

After purchasing a license, you will have access to shopping vouchers. Shopping vouchers are packages providing shopping points for which you can get official store vouchers on our Ultima Store platform.

One shopping point is worth €1, and every voucher contains 20% more points than it costs. For example, you get 120 points for a voucher worth €100. 120 shopping points are equivalent to €120, and you will be able to shop at Ultima Store for this amount.

Learn how to buy a shopping voucher from the tutorial here.

Shopping vouchers can be purchased for Ultima tokens only. If you don't have Ultima tokens yet, you can use this tutorial to buy them on the Coinsbit exchange for USDT. To find out how to buy USDT, study this tutorial.

If you don't have a Coinsbit account yet, make one using this tutorial.

For buying a shopping voucher, you get a 100% cashback, which is paid within 36 months from the date of payment.

Step 3. Signing up for Ultima Store

Now that you have purchased shopping vouchers, you can start shopping on the Ultima Store website.

You can find a review of the Ultima Store website via this link.

Step 4. Cashback for the purchase of shopping vouchers

Immediately after the activation of the license, you start receiving cashback in ULTIMA tokens for each purchased shopping voucher. The cashback is 100% and is paid in equal transactions over the next 36 months.

You can track the accrual of your cashback transactions in the relevant section at The tokens received as cashback can be withdrawn at any time.

* If you use earlier versions of products and other tokens, you can find all the information you need at this link.