Welcome to the Help Center, where you will find comprehensive answers to your questions about working with the DeFi-U product.


Step 1. Creating a Wallet

Before you get started, you may need to register a SMART Wallet. Follow this link to find instructions on how to get started with SMART Wallet.


Step 2. Adding funds to the wallet

After creating the wallet, you must fill it with Ultima tokens. To do this, you will need an exchange account. In the Exchanges section on this page, we provide detailed instructions for working with the Coinsbit exchange, a key partner of Ultima, where you can buy a token profitably and safely.

Now that you have purchased Ultima tokens, they must be transferred to a wallet address. To do this, use these instructions. After that, you can proceed to the purchase of a split license.


Step 3. Signing up on DeFi-U

This link provides instructions on how to sign up.

Step 4. Buying a split license

At the moment, there are two pools available in DeFi-U: the community pool (the cost of entry starts from 110 euros) and the VIP pool (the cost of entry starts from 55,000 euros). You can switch between the licenses for the community and VIP pools in your personal account in the upper right corner by selecting SPLIT or UNITY SPLIT.

Detailed instructions on how to purchase a VIP pool license for Ultima via SMART Wallet are available at this link.

If you want to pay for a license in WIN - use these instructions.

To pay for Unity licenses in the community pool, use the instructions in the Community Pool section.


Step 5. Split Contract

The next step is the purchase of a split contract. In this instruction, we explain how to pay for the contract with Ultima tokens.


Step 6. Getting split tokens

After purchasing a split contract, the blockchain will print split tokens. To start splitting, you need to withdraw them to your Smart Wallet. To do this, use this instruction.


Step 7. Earning rewards in Ultima

And now, for the most exciting part: earning lifetime rewards from splits. You can request your first reward within 24 hours of the split tokens being credited to your SMART Wallet balance.

For detailed instructions on how to get a reward in Ultima, follow this link.