STEP 1. Use a referral link to register on Learn more

STEP 2. Purchase PLCU crypto coins.

  • If you don’t have an account on a crypto exchange yet, you should register. Learn more
  • If you already have an account on a crypto exchange, you can purchase coins right away.  Learn more
  • If you already own some PLCU coins, move on to step 3. 

STEP 3. Purchase an ULTIMA MINTERS license. Learn more

STEP 4. Top up your Ultima Farm with PLCU coins and start minting new coins!

  • Download two free apps from Google Play or the App Store and install them: 
  • Important: make sure to save your codes and private key, it will be impossible to restore your funds if you lose them! 
  • Select Ultima Wallet as your main wallet. Learn more
  • Top up your Ultima Farm and start minting. Learn more

STEP 5. Withdraw your minted coins to your wallet to pay for any products and services. Learn more

STEP 6. Use your crypto debit card to pay for purchases with your new coins. Learn more

Please note that this is only a brief overview of the entire user journey for our product. We’ve also tried to cover any potential issues, and we’ve prepared additional instructions for all six steps in the sections below.