In December, the PLC Ultima coin turned one year old. Working at extreme speeds, we achieved incredible heights for any cryptocurrency project: we implemented unprecedented cashback programs, updated all our products and technologies, and held significant events. Such a vigorous activity could not help but be noticed in the industry - the top media wrote about us, and well-known bloggers made videos about us. This resulted in more than half a million users signing up for the PLC Ultima project in the current year.

Among them were both honest crypto enthusiasts and scammers using young projects for quick enrichment. They created dozens of fake accounts to get coins illegally. The result was an overabundance of coins on the market and a depreciation of the PLCU. To solve this problem and maintain the course, we are constantly taking various measures: burning coins and implementing gas functionality. However, this is not enough to achieve our global goals, so we made an important decision: to conduct swapping.

What is swapping?

Swapping is when one cryptocurrency is exchanged for another under predetermined conditions. This measure is resorted to by the most significant crypto projects - Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.

How will I swap at PLC Ultima?

All current coins on users' wallets will become classic – PLCU Classic. The PLCU will remain a coin that is only traded on exchanges and is a means of payment for PLC Ultima products.

Instead of PLCU, PLCU Classic will participate in affiliate and cashback programs. Also, PLCUC will be used as a gas for transactions with PLCUX. PLCU Classic will be traded on only one exchange — Coinsbit.

PLCU Classic will be traded on Coinsbit as one of the first exchanges, as well as on other exchanges alongside USDT.  We will update information for listing on other exchanges.

How do I get PLC Ultima?

Through the traditional cryptocurrency swapping procedure, PLCUC holders can exchange their PLCUCs for new PLCUCs. However, PLCUC swapping to PLCU will take place with the help of a new product - swap units, which allow you to exchange PLCUC for PLCU in a 1:1 ratio. This means that 1 PLCU Classic will be exchanged for 1 PLC Ultima.

To start swapping, you need to select a swap unit providing the desired volume and send the required amount of  PLCUC coins  to the specified address. After the successful transfer of the PLCUC,  the swap unit will be activated and start working.

According to PLCU tokenomics, PLCU swapping occurs within 5 years, in the following ratio:

Transferring coins to the available balance occurs monthly, while swapping occurs daily. Therefore, each new PLCU transaction will be transferred to your available balance every month. You can monitor the swapping process in your account.

When will I be able to use PLC Ultima coins?

PLCU coins are available for use as soon as they arrive on your balance. They can be transferred to your wallet, sent to the exchange, or used to purchase ecosystem products.

What is the purpose of this innovation?

Coin swapping is key to the future of our project: it will allow us to avoid an overabundance of coins on the market and increase the value of coins in the market many times over. The listing on Binance, reaching a price of $100,000, and realizing all our potential are all possible thanks to it!