Friends! For the PLC Ultima team, the quality and safety of our products are the top priorities. Over the past year, we have released dozens of major updates, new products and  technical solutions for our websites. The pace and intensity of our technical team's work are much higher than that of the absolute majority of companies on the market. At the same time, we manage to maintain a high quality level of our products. 

 However, sometimes the development runs into technical difficulties, the solution of which may take more time than had been originally planned. This is what happened with the development of Ultima X Minters: our team needs a bit more time to address issues that are critical to the product's safety. 

In order to have time to conduct a sufficient number of tests and avoid problems with the safety of the new product, we decided to postpone the start of sales of Ultima X Minters until October 1. At the same time, Ultima Minters licenses will remain on sale, and you will have the opportunity to fill them on the most favorable terms and get a whole year for minting PLCU coins, the value of which is constantly growing! 

The entire team of PLC Ultima and Alex himself would like to apologize to you for the postponement of the deadlines and thank you for choosing our products and supporting all our undertakings. You are the main secret of success and the keystone to the growth of PLC Ultima! And we keep working hard to delight you with unique products!