On June 6, Dubai hosted INDIAN ULTIMA CONVENTION DUBAI, a legendary event for the community from India. It brought together more than 2300 people! We are absolutely sure that each of the participants will never forget this day. 

The atmosphere of the event was truly magical! Dubai, the business centre of the world, welcomed thousands of like-minded people, who were able to attend Alex's inspiring speech, get their long-awaited cards, and go to an after party with the famous singer Guru Randhawa.

Furthermore, people will remember this convention because it coincided with Alex's birthday, and the guests of the event congratulated the creator of PLCU in a cool and unforgettable way!

Would you like to get the feel of the festive atmosphere? Then hurry up and watch our video! Also, make sure to share it with others: https://youtu.be/Cpj3zVUfJ_Y