Friends, you all know that the maximum possible emission of coins in the PLC Ultima blockchain is 11,000,000 PLCU! And in less than a year, more than 500,000 PLC Ultima coins were burned, and that is over 5% of the possible emission! 

Moreover, PLCU minting will soon be impossible. Users have only a year left to mint PLC Ultima, and then the number of coins on the market will just keep decreasing.

The latest PLCU coin burning transactions are an important indicator of the enormous impact that PLCUX has on the PLCU. Because it is possible to buy PLCUX on the stock exchange for PLCU only. And the constant burning of PLCU as a gas leads to a noticeable decrease in supply and, consequently, an increase in its value and rate!

It is important that PLCU remains a key coin of the ecosystem, thanks to which community members have the opportunity to participate in cashback programs: cards, fuel, cars, real estate and other programs. The PLC Ultima community already exceeds 1.5 million people, and this number is growing every month. And the supply of PLCU coins in the crypto market will keep declining.

More than half a million burned PLCU show to both the community and the crypto market that PLC Ultima has already entered a new development stage where everything is programmed for success! After all, coins burning is among the key factors making a cryptocurrency deflationary. 

Each user can go to the blockchain explorer and see growing number of the burned coins:

In total, 7,290 PLCU have been burned since August 31: 

5000 PLCU 

1000 PLCU

100 PLCU

100 PLCU

640 PLCU 



350 PLCU