Dear friends, we made it! As promised earlier, the PLC Ultima team adjusted the Max Load index to 10,000 EUR! 

This means Max Load has been recalculated for partners who previously purchased farms with a Max Load index of more than 10,000 EUR.

So, if earlier you paid for an Ultima Minter with an index of 40,000 EUR, then the Max Load of such a licence got increased by 4. How do you calculate it?

It's simple: you have purchased an Ultima Minter PLUS licence for 1100 euros, and Max Load with a 40,000 EUR index equals 0,025 PLCU. 

After the recalculation, the current Ultima Minter PLUS package’s Max Load was increased to 0.1 PLCU, that is, it grew by 0.075 PLCU.

Hurry up to not miss the opportunity to load your farms on the most favourable terms!