The main task of PLCUX is to generate new coins in the PLC Ultima ecosystem and remove the load from the PLCU coin.

📈Participating in minting, the PLCUX coin becomes an entry point for new users of the ecosystem, which ensures a steadily growing demand for it. Moreover, it is possible to acquire PLCUX coin on exchanges only for PLCU, what can significantly increase the demand for the key coin of the ecosystem. And the constant burning of PLCU as a gas will lead to a decrease in supply and, consequently, an increase in its value and exchange rate!

🔥Due to the factors described above, each such transaction with PLCUX will signal to the market about the demand for PLC Ultima and contribute to its growth, and due to the constant demand for PLCUX, the latter's rate will steadily grow!🔥

💥 Watch the video on how to activate your farm to mint PLCUX: